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CD (+ 7-inch Vynil Record) Pop em pedaço vol. 01 (Pop piece by piece vol. 01)

Launched in 2012










CD (+ 7-inch Vynil Record) Single puzzle piece vol. 01

Launched in 2012









CD Co’as goela e tudo (Nothing but the throats)

Launched in 2011, the fifth Roney Giah CD is the result of the partnership between Giah and Perseptom Vocal Band.
The musical meeting of Roney Giah with the seven members of the Perseptom Vocal Band not only got them an Award, as well as resulted in a unique "a capella" album.
Co'as goela e tudo (Nothing but the throats) unites the technique of beat box (vocal percussion) with impeccable vocal timbres, obtaining the audio sensation of an entire band.

Musicians from different perspectives and artistic schools, Roney Giah and Perseptom - one of the most respected vocal bands from Brazil and indicated to the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards 2007 (CARAS) - have joined talents and have gained recognition from critics and audiences. In 2008, they celebrated this musical encounter in a crowded concert at the Arthur Rubinstein Theatre,in São Paulo.
In 2009, Perseptom Vocal Band won the Brazilian Music Festival FEMUPO with Giah’s composition “Impossible”, song you can appreciate in this new release.


CD Queimando a Moleira (Burning Mind)

Launched in 2010, the fourth CD of the composer, singer and guitarist Roney Giah, Queimando a Moleira (Burning mind), is an 18-track-chamber-pop-inspired album. The work has the participation of Mario Manga (cello), Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet and bass clarinet), Maurício Biazzi (double bass), Toninho Ferragutti (accordion), Nado Silva and Piu (Rhodes piano), Dandara Modesto (backing vocals) and Roney Giah (vocals, 7 strings acoustic guitar, piano and beat box).
Even before the release of Queimando a Moleira (Burning mind), the composition "Time is so still “- which integrates the new CD - won two Honorable Mentions: Billboard World Song Contest and Mike Pinder's Songwars.





CD (Compilation) Yesterday's Tomorrow

In 2008, composer, singer and guitarist signed a contract with the British label ASTRANOVA Records to release a CD compilation entitled Yesterday's tomorrow.
Yesterday's tomorrow, available only on iTunes, has seven tracks from Seed CD (1998), six tracks from Extra days on Earth CD (2006), plus a bonus track exclusively produced for the compilation. The label interest occurred after Roney Giah’s songs "Amar Com E" and "A chuva" – from Extra days on Earth CD – won the “Track of the Day" title by Garage Band’s users. Garage Band was an American music portal who had Sir George Martin, former producer of The Beatles, as one of its curators.




CD Mais dias na Terra (
Extra days on Earth)

In 2005, singer, guitarist, producer and composer Roney Giah presented a new work, which broadened the range of the first instrumental album, Seed. Started in 1999 and completed in 2005, Mais dias na Terra (Extra days on Earth) CD was the result of Roney’s need to come up with something unique, new. This album has the participation of Maurício Biazzi on bass; André Novais on drums and percussion; Cris Bananal on percussion; Piu and Flávio Marchesin on keyboards; Daniela Ferraz, Vanessa Jackson, Alex Marrom and Mariet on backing vocals; Doriel Oliveira, Fulvio Lucietto and Soró on the horn section.

Mais dias na Terra (Extra days on Earth) is characterized by the fusion of rhythms and instruments that are not usually played simultaneously. Overdrive guitars with acoustic nylon guitars, vocal percussion with horn section, gospel choir with “zabumba” and other mergers give the CD an aura of miscegenation, a Brazilian aura.

The lyrics speak of problems, controversies and Brazilian and world events that remain in our memory sometimes in a light way, sometimes in an energetic and impulsive way. The compositions, lyrics, arrangements and production are borne by Roney Giah itself (as in CD Seed), who is graduated in music by the MI (Musicians Institute) in Los Angeles and also in sound engineering by IAV, in São Paulo.

With CD Mais dias na Terra (Extra days on Earth), Giah received an Honorable Mention from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Award curated by Yoko Ono and was pre-selected for Latin Grammy 2006 and TIM AWARD 2006.

CD Semente

Launched in 1997, Roney’s Semente (Seed) CD has 10 tracks, from which 9 are instrumental.
At the age of 21 when the CD was launched, and still using the name Roney Giacometti, Semente (Seed) was his first work, which Roney signs the production, arrangements, and composition. The CD was recorded live in only two days, at Bebop studio in São Paulo, one of the largest in Latin America.
He counted on the participation of Maurício Biazzi (bass), Lael Medina (drums), Rodrigo Ursaia (sax), and Otávio Noronha (keyboard).
With delicate harmony, smooth rhythms, and great improvisation, this CD did not have high commercial intent when it was launched.
Called by some as Contemporary Jazz, or still, Modern Instrumental Music, Roney does not like to qualify his sound within any music genre. Influenced by Pat Metheny, Milton Nascimento and Toninho Horta, this CD is simply the seed of a career.